NYHETER – Glaskedjan

AutomotiveGlassEurope® welcomes Glaskedja

MAJ 2017

AutomotiveGlassEurope® has made an important step forward in welcoming Glaskedjan from Sweden. This means that next to the AGE-Partners Riis from Norway and Danglas from Denmark another important part of Scandinavia is added to the European network.

“Sweden has a long and impressive reputation in the automotive world in general and in AGRR especially”, says general manager Pim de Ridder. “The craftsmanship and notion of delivering top quality products and services are in the blood of our colleagues in northern Europe. Therefore, we are proud to be able to add Sweden to our network”.

Similar enthusiasm is learned from Staffan Thorsén, CEO of Glaskedjan i Sverige AB. “During its six years of existence Glaskedjan has proven to be a stable and reliable service provider in Sweden. Not only through our national network of soon 70 depots. Nowadays it is a must to give an international dimension to our services as well. Our partnership of AutomotiveGlassEurope® meets this need perfectly”.


For more information about Glaskedjan or AutomotiveGlassEurope® please contact:

Staffan Thorsén, CEO at Glaskedjan i Sverige AB

Mail: staffan.thorsen@glaskedjan.se, Tel: +46 70 699 84 17


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